Battery Powered Mystery Action

by John Dog

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This album is for The Princess

Cover illustration and design by Kellie Strom.

All songs written and arranged by Raymond Butler and performed by John Dog, except:

Who Do You Want To Be Now?, strings arranged and performed by Paul Harvey.

Leave My Bones Alone, arranged by Paul Harvey and Raymond Butler, marimba, strings and random percussion performed by Paul Harvey.

Fabulous Girl and It Could Be Christmas, cello performed by Paul Harvey.

In An Hour Or So, mandolins arranged and performed by Steve Daley


released February 4, 2011

Special thanks to The Listeners: Hugh & Pauline Tynan, Morgan Mee, Jim Fitzpatrick, Kellie Strom and Stephen Walsh.



all rights reserved


John Dog London, UK

John Dog is a singer and songwriter from Galway, Ireland who somehow wound up based in London, England. A true believer in the popular song, his own are often wordy, arguably tuneful, occasionally funny, but - the John Dog Guarantee - always short.

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Track Name: Rock 'n' Roll Won't Save You Now
It's the time of the night when they're dropping like flies
Girls are grabbing their fellas and saying "goodbye"
To you and I
But there isn't a chance of us packing it in
Half the potions we swallowed are just kicking in
Then the music begins

"Like Keith or Brian, like Jimi or Gram
You wouldn't believe how wasted I am,
I raised a toast then spilled the most of it
Over that uptight cow when she said:
'Rock and Roll won't save you now'
Rock and Roll won't save you now"

She appeared to be listening but stared at the ground
While we were telling our stories of drinking it down
And falling around
So as she put on her coat and was leaving the room, she said: "You better be careful, boys, or soon
you could become cartoons

Isn't it time you start acting your age?
They only applaud old wasters on stage
Maybe you can turn it round,
It's just baby, I don't see how if you believe
Rock and roll will save you now,
Cos Rock and roll won't save you now"
Track Name: I Know That Place
I Know That Place

There's a young man bragging in the barroom
With a freshly cut tattoo
And the tag still hanging on the leather jacket
That he swore he got in world war II
And he's saying now, while almost crying
"Can't you tell by the look on my face?"
He's the only one who doesn't know he's lying
When he says:
"I know that place"

There's an older man smoking in the corner
And when he smiles it's really not a smile
And when he listens, he's not really listening
In fact he finds you something of a trial
For there's nothing you can tell him
That he won't lick with distaste
And for all the misfortune that befell him
He's wrong to say:
"I know that place"

There's a young girl who works behind the counter
And her mother's on the phone
And it's not to say her mother doesn't want her
Just to say it's still not safe to come home
And I've never seen her crying
And you sure couldn't tell from her face
And I couldn't say if she is lying
Cos she never says:
"I know that place"
No, she never says:
"I know that place"
Track Name: A Ghost Called Charlie
A Ghost Called Charlie

Charlie The Ghost
He likes to say that he is happiest most
Just floating through the town when the rain is pouring down
Cos being deceased
The rain it doesn't bother him in the least
He says it fills his heart with so much glee to see us clinging to our coats
Charlie the Ghost, a ghost called Charlie

And you know, he can't remember his real name!
'Charlie,' it just had a certain ring
And, you know, he can't remember from whence he came
He used to, but he let it go,
Like he let go of everything

Charlie the ghost
He watched a couple settle down to a roast
He'd soon forget his appetite with the inevitable fight
But there wasn't a fight
They watched the box and went to bed for the night

And so he flew from sea to sea
To find a couple trading blows
Oh, anything at all
Maybe a girl punched in the nose
How he got like this
Well, I doubt if heaven knows
He's Charlie the Ghost
A ghost called Charlie
Track Name: A Man In Love
Let's pretend it's a game
Let's pretend we've got nothing to lose
Let's pretend we're the same
Let's pretend I'm not frightened of you

A man in love
Is a fool is a liar with his pants on fire is a snake is a charmer is a chink in his own armour

There's a wandering eye
There's a wandering finger or two
And I'm wondering why
I'm here keeping my eye on you

A man in love
Is a priest is a drunk is a jealousy junkie, a con is a mark is a comfort in the dark

Let's pretend it's a game
that it's just a safari for you
Then I'll treat it the same
I'll be ready to run for you

And when they dust off my bones in a few million years or so
And they say "What's this creature?" I wonder will anyone know?

A man in love
Is a priest is a drunk is a jealousy junkie, a con is a mark is a comfort in the dark

Is a fool is a liar with his pants on fire is a thug is a charmer

Is a baby in your arms
Track Name: The Moon On A Stick
Often, my mother said:
"It's good to have something to fall back on
Should you land on your head,
And all of the neighbours read it in the paper
And point as they laugh themselves sick,
Cos you asked for The Moon On A Stick"

But young and foolish was I
And anyway what would my Mam know
Of my plans to capture the sky
Well, long story short, I'm not an astronaut
And the neighbours, they laughed themselves sick
Cos I asked for The Moon On A Stick

No, I don't mean to say that no-one should ever walk tall
I don't sit there hoping the child will burst his balloon
For pride precedes a leap as well as a fall
There was death and disaster but those crazy bastards
They did plant a stick in the moon

On a warm night, out in the backyard
You're watching as your little spaceman looks past you
And up to the stars
You watch him reach out with your heart in your mouth
Cos he's learning, and he's learning quick
To ask for the Moon On A Stick

And you want him to, God help you
Ask for the Moon on a Stick
Track Name: Who Do You Want To Be Now?
How can you be so scared and so elated?
Everyone's angry, everything's so loud
Whoever you thought you were has dissipated
You're nobody in the thrilling and maddening crowd

Your mother she warned you or at least she tried to
That Satan himself would meet you at the train
But no-one looks down to judge you or to guide you
Be a saint or a sinner, no-one here knows your name

Who do you want to be now?
With all that this city allows?
There's no right and no wrong,
Just how much and how long
You buy or you sell then you hurry along

You can't afford the price upon the label
You can't afford to walk inside the store
You'd buy all the pretty things if you were able
Do you remember a time when you wanted something more?

Who do you want to be now?
With all that this city allows?
There's no wrong and no right
There's no apple to bite
Just things that you have and the things that you might

Mother she warned you
Or at least she tried to
Track Name: In an Hour or So
In an hour or so
The lie that I'm living
And the cares of the day
Won't bother me so
They say it's a sin, but I will forgive them
Yeah, the beer will kick in
In an hour or so

In an hour or so
My smile will come easy
All the folks will be dancing
And I might have a go
This bar dark and dim
Will be bright and breezy
Yeah, the beer will kick in
In an hour or so

And I won't even hate you
I might even miss you some
But only cos I have forgotten
Not forgiven what you've done

In an hour or so
This everyday hurtin'
These dullest of blues
Will just get up and go
There's not much in the world
You can say for certain
But the beer will kick in
In an hour or so
Track Name: Leave My Bones Alone*
I guess I was too young when I died
To know why you lie
Do you even know why you lie?
Summer breezes blow me down a filthy street
in the kind of detail you should not repeat
My mother's scared to answer the phone
So please leave my bones alone

With all your hounds still drunk overseas
And summer to fill
You know you were happy to see
That the Crown was taking him down for trial
I saw you make a mob and then pretend to hate them
They descended on my photographs and ate them
Wouldn't you think, with kids of their own
That they'd leave my bones alone

The jury had to see where I died
You held the front page and twenty more inside
Please tell me why the world had to hear each blow

But then a junior minister and some young actor
Were discovered snorting up some feelgood factor

And only when their cover was blown
Did you leave my bones alone
Track Name: When There Was a World Outside
When There Was A World Outside

When there was a world outside
Street signs all spelt out her name
The day before the Martians came
She looked and acted just the same
But something weird was in her eyes

When there was a world outside
People smiled at them in the street
Now zombies see something good to eat
He watches tapes of old TV
From before the signal died
When there was a world outside

She shook her head and that was that
He bought some gin and trashed his flat
He fell asleep with music on
When he woke up
The world was gone

When there was a world outside
Her perfume remained when she left his place
This room adrift now in outer space
A tenant of The Twilight Zone
Picture a man froze up inside
With a memory falsified
Of when there was a world outside
Track Name: Fabulous Girl
Fabulous Girl

She thought that they would marry
Til he was lured by something new
And so, just like Carrie,
She got drunk in some brand new shoes
"Why did he go away?"
"Why wouldn't anyone stay with a
Fabulous Girl?"

She throws away the paper
Sometimes she can't believe her eyes
She wonders what they pay her
To betray and scandalise
The famous and dumb,
The MP and the "Supermum"
And the Fabulous Girl

Every day's a new barrage
The street's a shifting, shock-collage
The fever dreams of magazines
That claim to celebrate
Then cut her down to size 8
Are they so afraid of a girl who's made it?

She was kinda happy
To hear the pleading in his voice
So now he wants to marry
Now she'll have to make her choice
Oh, I hope you stay true
To your power to choose,
Fabulous Girl
Track Name: It Could Be Christmas Outside (I Don't Know)
Bells are ringing
Or so they said
Angels are singing, alright
In my head
Manhattan could be a mountain of snow
It could be Christmas outside - I don't know

I've got all I need
I don't have to ask twice
You may wonder, indeed,
If she's naughty or nice
Wrapped now in neither a ribbon nor bow
It could be Christmas outside - I don't know

I suppose we could go for a walk in the Park
And watch as Fifth Avenue twinkles and glows
But I'd rather stay here where it's warm and it's dark
And replay that night
When you stepped on my toe
On Amsterdam Avenue

If I saw you, girl
I'd wanna lose track of time
In this funny world
Some fools say that's a crime
But if they saw those eyes
And that chestnut hair
It could be Christmas outside - they wouldn't care